Download the Agenda l Countering Drones Conference

Download the Agenda l Countering Drones Conference

Participate at the world’s only countering drones conference dedicated to the security community.

28-30 July 2020 | London, UK

Countering Drones will progress the conversations on drone threat beyond our current understanding and into the areas of future threats

Five reasons to attend the Countering Drones Conference:

  • Greater understanding of the development of drones and their potential to be used to challenge the safety and security of your assets
  • Improved awareness of Counter Drone solutions, their relevance to your organisation and demonstratable ROI for your efforts
  • Network with experts and key decision makers from Law Enforcement, airports, prisons, critical national infrastructure and industry to enhance your approach to drone security
  • Increase your situational awareness and readiness to deal with the threat posed by criminal or unidentified drones

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