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The drone threat: 2020 incidents and regulations map

The past year has unfortunately seen a lot of drone incidents that disrupted airport traffic, posed a potentially disastrous threat to public events and created real damage to critical national infrastructure, as drone operators continue to flout the laws and regulations in place to limit their activities in sensitive locations....

Drones Report 2019: Latest incidents around the world

As recent incidents has shown – the Gatwick airport shut down, the attack on Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, the prison escape of French outlaw Rédoine Faïd –, drones have the ability to create chaos at major transport hubs and enable terrorists and criminals to conduct illegal activities. Although authorities now...


Hostile Intent - Combatting rogue drone threats

The once disruptive drones have now become decidedly dangerous when put in the hands of actors with a nefarious, criminal and terrorist intent. While they offer a new tactic for these operators, they present a threat to nations and organizations which are still trying to play catch-up in order to...

How industry leaders address the development of counter drones solutions: Insights from Aveillant

Aveillant is at the forefront of 3D holographic radar technology, seen as a promising solution to detect and track small drones in the civil airspace. Creator of the Gamekeeper radar currently operated in airports across Monaco, Singapore and Paris and partner of our Countering Drones Conference, Richard Lawrence the Sales...

Opinion piece: Risk, regulation and resilience in countering drones

In this exclusive opinion piece, the researchers behind the ‘Red Teaming Report’ on ‘The Nefarious, Criminal and Terrorist Use of Drones’, Professor David Dunn and Dr Christopher Wyatt from the University of Birmingham, explore the challenges surrounding countering drones in the civilian space. Download the article on the right >>Leaders...

Countering ISIS' Drones

This exclusive speaker preview from General (Rtd) Mahmoud Al-Bayati, Director General, Counter-Terrorism and National Security Senior Consultant, Iraq delves into the challenges of countering drones used by ISIS in the country. From surveillance to dropping IEDs, the commercially-available aircraft changed warfare from 2014 onwards. 

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Defence iQ Media Kit

A Digital Platform to Engage with the Defence Community Defence iQ’s digital platform and publications provide traditional and non-traditional defence companies, SMEs and start-ups with invaluable insights and meeting points. Here we welcome professionals to connect with as well as to educate a global network of military end users and...

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