Innovations that will inform future military engineering acquisition: Insights from Lieutenant Colonel Matten

Innovations that will inform future military engineering acquisition: Insights from Lieutenant Colonel Matten

The reorientation of Land Power doctrine towards operations against a peer or near peer adversary has put the focus on the modernisation of land forces to meet the challenge of multi-domain operations. 

The NATO Military Engineer Centre of Excellence helps to lead the way to enable its member and partner nations to overcome mobility and counter-mobility challenges. Ahead of Combat Support Week 2020, Defence IQ gained exclusive insight from Lieutenant Colonel Sean Matten, Deputy Director of the organisation and one of the key speakers of the conference. He discusses in this interview the establishment of NATO level capability requirements, the role of innovation in providing greater mobility without increasing capability, the top innovative military engineering solutions that have the most potential and the role of industry in delivering innovation to military engineers.

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Key benefits of downloading the interview:

  • Learn more about the different processes through leading up to the establishment of NATO level capability requirements
  • Understand the role of innovation in any military engineering procurement
  • See which innovative solutions have the most potential for military engineers

In this interview, Lieutenant Colonel Matten answers the following questions:

  • Could you talk us through the process of establishing Military Engineering capability requirements for NATO members in order to enhance mobility and interoperability?
  • How does innovation fit into the establishment of these requirements, is there a push from nations to integrate cutting edge technologies within existing solutions? If not, then what is driving new requirements in this area?
  • As a requirement expert, what would you say are the top innovative solutions that should be implemented by Military Engineers? For each of those, could you let us know their main advantages and challenges?
  • What is your view on industry’s role in offering solutions to Military Engineers? How would you rate current involvement? What role do SMEs and start-ups have to play?

Lieutenant Colonel Matten will discuss NATO capability requirements for military engineering at Combat Support Week 2020. To view who will join him on the senior speaker panel, you can view the agenda here

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