Incorporating AI and new technologies in the UK Future Support Force

Incorporating AI and new technologies in the UK Future Support Force

The UK MOD is integrating new technologies into its structure to enhance its defence supply chain’s processes, in order to prepare for the challenges posed by multi-domain operations against a peer adversary.

Ahead of Combat Support Week 2020, Defence iQ compiled this report on new technologies in the UK Future Support Force, featuring exclusive insight from Colonel Eddie Corrigan, Defence Logistics Concept and Force Development Assistant Head, UK Ministry of Defence.

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Key benefits of downloading this report: 

  • Improve supply chain management and demand forecasting by learning how to integrate new technologies and attain greater asset visibility from representatives of the UK MOD who will attend Combat Support Week 
  • Learn more about the involvement of the UK MOD in fostering a relationship between industry and the military to enhance processes within UK defence logistics
  • Gain insider insight into the scope, challenges and key technologies vital to the UK Future Support Force 

This report is divided in two parts:

  • Part 1 – The need for an AI revolution in defence logistics, an interview with Colonel Eddie Corrigan

In this interview, he discusses the current use of new technologies such as AI and Big Data in the UK defence supply chain management, the consequences of failing to leverage them in case of global deployments, and the current involvement of the government in fostering the relationship between the military and industry to enhance existing processes.

  • Part 2 – A personal perspective on the UK Future Support Force (2030-35+), Colonel Eddie Corrigan’s presentation from Combat Support Week 2019

The presentation covers the Defence Support Network Transformation, the key challenges of  the future operating environment, and the key concepts and technologies of the Future Support Force.

Do you want to learn more on new technologies in the UK MOD to enhance the processes of the defence supply chain? At Combat Support Week next February, Air Vice Marshal Richard Hill CBE, Director Defence Support Transformation, UK Ministry of Defence will speak on accelerating support innovation across UK MOD. To download the full agenda of the conference, please click here

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