View the Full Event Outline for Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance Asia 2018

The 15th Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance conference (27-28 November 2018, Singapore) will bring senior commanders and officers from Navies, Coast Guards, Air Forces, Marine Police, Government Agencies and technology players together to discuss how the APAC region can address these ever-evolving maritime security threats through increased cooperation and smart technology.


  • Integrating Sea, Air And Land Assets and Systems To Build A Coherent Maritime Border Security Management Strategy
  • Exploring Key Tactical and Operational Strategies to Lead a Successful Intra-Agency Missions
  • Utilising Smart Technology to Enhance Maritime and Aerial Surveillance and Security Operations
  • Analysing the Future of Naval and Aerial Surveillance for Maritime Operations
  • Embracing AI-Embedded Naval Systems for Maritime Defence 
  • Reviewing Market Intelligence on Global Procurement Trends and Challenges

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