Patrol Vessel Modularity And The Evolution Of The Platform

Patrol Vessel Modularity And The Evolution Of The Platform

Lead partner Cluster Maritimo Naval Cadiz had the opportunity to interview Admiral Teodoro López, Chief of Staff, Spanish Navy and Vice Admiral (Res) Javier Romero, Chairman of the conference. They discuss the versatility that OPVs offer to the maritime community and the need to collaborate with industry in order to design and develop the right capabilities for current and future missions

This speaker report is divided into two parts:

  • PART ONE - Adapting to the evolving scenarios and the need to design OPVs for the whole life cycle with Admiral Teodoro López
  • PART TWO - Industry 4.0 and implementing new technologies into OPV design and development with Vice Admiral (Res) Javier Romero

Key benefits of downloading this speaker report:

  • Gain insight into the current use of OPVs by the Spanish Navy
  • Understand how OPV design and development will be enhanced through collaboration between the naval community and industry
  • Learn how Spain is preparing for the fast-changing operating environment and threats

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