Driving Mission Success at the Joint Level

The Close Air Support Conference is designed to encourage greater engagement between the allied CAS community and industry as they seek to build consensus on a decisive and sustainable air-ground force mixture for future multi-domain operations and ongoing counter-insurgency missions.

The growing number of light attack programmes and a NATO focus on greater interoperability for contested and multi-domain environments suggests a revitalization of CAS culture, and as such we are pleased to host this forum to give air and ground leaders at the joint and coalition levels an opportunity to talk through their most critical challenges and share some insight into the design of their CAS mission set.

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Synthetic & Live Training Technologies for the CAS Community

The Drivers of Light Attack Aircraft Acquisition, Platform Experimentation & Force Sustainment

Air-Land Integration TTPs in Multi-Domain Operational Contexts

Advancements in Comms, Sensors & Precision-Munitions & the Implications for JTACs


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