AIRBUS Cyber Security 2019 Predictions

We’ve already seen extortion-driven attacks on infrastructure such as cities and ports, which history suggests will continue and spread to energy and transport infrastructure. With the introduction of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), manufacturing industry will become a new target. Professional cybercrime is increasingly driven by the simple psychology of extortion, while the almost limitless potential targets are simply a means to a financial end. During 2019, one of these attacks will finally hit home somewhere in the world, causing memorable disruption.

Dick Crowell US Naval War College - Past Presentation

Dick Crowell, Associate Professor, Information Operations & Cyberspace Operations, U.S. Naval War College delivered this presentation entitled 'What’s Past is Prologue' at the CDANS conference. Download for a copy of the presentation which covered the following points:

Professional military education (PME) as a two way street to aid commanders, industry leaders, and politicians in shaping success in future conflict –conflict that will most certainly include cyber warfare. 

  • Determining what future combat power is and how to produce, adapt, and operate it under degraded & denied conditions will be critical to winning future wars.
  • Moving from a tactical defense to a strategic offensive in conflict will require a multifaceted approach from military services, politicians, industry,and academics.
  • We’ve played this game before and we must play it again – and practice