Promoting Regional Cooperation and Countering Transnational Threats

Defence IQ's annual CABSEC and SAMSEC forum will be hosted by the Barbados Defence Force; Barbados, 26 - 28 March.

This established forum meets annually and brings together the region's defence and security leadership to discuss strategy, cooperation, requirements and challenges and has helped advance the security dialogue in the region through the forum's objectives to;

  • Promote regional and hemispheric security cooperation through expanding networks
  • Help to build enduring partnerships in order to enhance regional security capacity in Central and South America and the Caribbean

The key theme for 2019 is Promoting Regional Cooperation and Countering Transnational Threats. With a specific day dedicated to HA/DR relief in the region.

Industry is welcome to join the forum and raise awareness of the technical solutions available - from OPVs, helicopters and fixed-wing asserts to emergency deployable communications and MDA equipment.

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Speakers Include:

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Video highlights from CABSEC & SAMSEC 18

Key topics under discussion at CABSEC & SAMSEC 2019 include:


Combating transnational organised criminal networks


Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief cooperation and communication


Ensuring the security of the maritime domain and blue economy


Facilitating regional and hemispheric security cooperation


Sharing lessons relating to the interdiction of illicit through the region


National and collective approaches to security challenges


Enhancing regional training, capacity building and security cooperation


Sharing lessons in procurement and modernization

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