Lanre Bankole, Assistant Commissioner at Police Force, Nigeria

Lanre Bankole

Assistant Commissioner
Police Force, Nigeria

Conference Day One: Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

9:40 AM Developing an effective multi-stakeholder collaboration for border security

  • Develop the controls for an organised, systematic and coordinated border security framework
  • Enhanced capacity of border control agencies to be involved in all aspects of border management
  • Improving skills to detect fraudulent travel documents and better exchange information between the inter-agency teams at ports of entry, as well as consular offices abroad

11:00 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Improving integration and cooperation amongst government entities and neighbouring countries in Africa

  • Achieving greater systematic, coordinated and secure management of the regions maritime boundaries
  • Achieving greater cooperation and integration of information gathering and sharing amongst African coastal countries
  • The latest detection and preventive capabilities required in the evolving threat landscape of Africa