Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Digital 

In light of global restrictions due to COVID-19, our next Big Data for Defence Event event will take place in 2021. For 2020, check out our related digital event - Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Digital

Unlocking The Power of Advanced Analytics for Enhanced Decision-Making

As the variety, volume, veracity, and velocity of data is undergoing a rapid transformation and aggravating the cognitive burden on the Warfighter, armed forces require technologies to store, process, verify, and disseminate actionable intelligence at pace. It is widely accepted that decision-making in the future information-dominated battlespace will depend on big data analytics, AI/ML, and data connectivity

However, existing institutions and mechanisms are largely rooted in outdated conventions, which impede rapid exploitation and integration of disruptive technologies. In order to retain the competitive edge against increasingly capable opponents, defence leaders must embrace technology offered by the civil sector and deliver decisive capability into the hands of the Warfighter.

Over the course of 3 days, the conference will explore ways to gain and retain the information advantage through disruptive innovation and big data analytics – addressing cloud computing, the acquisition of data from disparate sources, data validation, visualisation, accelerated and autonomous decision-making, and network resilience through cyber defence mechanisms. The conference programme will feature case studies, demonstrating adoption and applications of advanced military software.

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Why Should You Attend?

Understand how to securely store and rapidly analyse data using the latest systems to generate actionable intelligence

Identify partnership opportunities with both  traditional and non-traditional defence industry entities offering key solutions for Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence

Gain a fundamental understanding of Big Data, terminology in use, and it’s application in defence

Receive in-depth update of big data procurement programmes including the French ARTEMIS project and how AI and big data can combine to create military capability