26 - 27 June, 2018 | Hyatt Regency Dehli, Delhi, India

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Lead Partner

Website: http://www.nimr.ae

NIMR Automotive LLC is a light-medium weight defence vehicle manufacturer providing a portfolio of products to address the various needs of armed forces and internal security organisations around the world. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, NIMR is a member of the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC). NIMR delivers highly capable... Read More

Premium Exhibitors

AmSafe Bridport
Website: http://www.amsafebridport.com

AmSafe Bridport are leaders in designing and manufacturing engineered textile solutions for the defence and aerospace markets.Tarian technology has been developed in response to requirements from military users for a lightweight, higher performance and more robust alternative to traditional, heavy, metal bar Anti-RPG protection systems and other less flexible modern... Read More

Website: http://www.enersys.com/GlobalLanding.aspx

EnerSys produces an extensive range of theatre proven batteries and energy management systems that can deliver dependable information and control of vehicle electrical power. With a long and rich history of supplying defence customers, EnerSys understands the exacting needs of armoured vehicle OEMs and armies. With this knowledge we can... Read More

Pearson Engineering
Website: http://www.pearson-eng.com

Pearson Engineering is a world-leading provider of Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Combat Earth Moving, Route Proving and Assault Bridging Equipment for Armoured Vehicles. Our products include Mine Ploughs, Combat Dozer Blades, Earth Anchor Blades, Excavator Arms, Bridge Launch Mechanisms, Mine Rollers, Surface Clearance Devices, Obstacle Marker Systems, IED Route Clearance Equipment and Vehicle... Read More

Website: http://www.proengin.com/

Proengin Biological and Chemical Detection SystemsProengin has developed biological and chemical field detectors using flame spectrometry.Chemical detection:AP4C is a hand held chemical detector able to detect all CWA (including NTA) and many TICs, with continuous measurement, fast clear down and easiness of use.Range of products, with same detection performances:AP4C-V aboard... Read More

Tyron Runflat Ltd
Website: http://www.tyron.com

Tyron has invented the world’s first ever multi-piece rubber runflat insert which can be fitted in the field to both military split rims and ordinary tubeless wheels, giving superior off road capabilities with runflat capability up to 150klm exceeding the Finabel standard. In addition we have developed the R4 wheel... Read More

Networking Partners


Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology puts Innovation in MotionInvest in the best of Swiss engineering and quality to tackle tougher terrain, reach higher speeds, and seize new opportunities.Our systems combine more than 70 years of engineering expertise with state-of-the-art simulation and test capabilities to deliver new levels of reliability, flexibility, and precision.... Read More

Koni - ITT Company
Website: http://www.koniuk.co.uk/

As part of the ITT Corporation, KONI and Axtone provide differentiated products to defense markets throughout the world. We offer a range of high performance military vehicle suspension systems for tracked and wheeled vehicles from 2 to 70 tonnes. We support the military vehicle aftermarket with upgrades, spare parts and... Read More