30 September - 01 October, 2019 | Sofia, Bulgaria

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Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe Agenda

We are currently working on the 2019 agenda, due to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 29 September - 01 October. 

You can download the 2019 agenda for an idea of the high level speakers and sessions that take place at our Armoured Vehicle events. 

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Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe: 2019 Regional programmes and requirements report

The Eastern European current security context is prompting armies to prioritise the modernisation of their mechanised units and the acquisition of new platforms which offer them versatility in roles, speed and mobility. Ahead of this year’s

Armoured vehicles in Eastern Europe: Market overview

The armoured vehicle market in Eastern Europe is flourishing, with over US$4 billion under contract for new vehicles, along with modernisation programmes.Ahead of Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe, Defence IQ compiled a regional market report, outlining key ongoing programmes and requiremen ...

Hungarian defence leaders preparing investment programme

The European armoured vehicles market is now estimated to lead the world over the next ten years, and will likely account for around one third of the global requirement. Among those nations investing more readily into these platforms is Hungary, which recently announced it will increase total defenc ...

Hungary to initiate 'Zrinyi 2026' defence plan

Hungary's upcoming Zrínyi 2026 defence plan is a sign that the European land systems market is back on trackThe European armoured vehicles market is now estimated to lead the world over the next ten years, and will likely account for around one third of the global requirement.Among ...


International Armoured Vehicles: Full Overview

The long-established Armoured Vehicles conference series is a truly global affair, with the world's most senior officers taking part. Each year, the flagship event takes place in the United Kingdom, beginning the dialogue and networking opportunities set to take place across the Hemispheres. Get a full overview from this year's...

Brigadier General Leopoldo Quintas, Commandant, US Army Armor School

Brig Gen Leopoldo Quintas, Commandant of the US Army Armor School, explains the benefits of the Armoured Vehicles conference to his duties, including the value in being able to use the occassion to meet with his counterparts and swap notes on the future direction for collaborative forces.

Czech Armed Forces' armoured vehicle priorities

Lt Col Vit Duchacek, the Czech Armed Forces' Divisional Director of Development and Planning Capabilities, talks with Defence IQ about armoured vehicles - from current modernization plans to immediate challenges facing his personnel.


Polish Capability Development for Armoured and Merchandised Forces

Read this Armoured Vehicles Northern Europe presentation given by COL Maciej ZAJĄC, Deputy Chief, Land Forces Department. Explore Polish capability development for armoured and merchandised forces including the challenges and progressions of this.Interested in attending? Read more on topics to be discussed at Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe, as well as...

Infantry fighting vehicle project development in Lithuania

View this presentation from Armoured Vehicles Northern Europe given by LTC Dalius Polekauskas, Capability Planning Department, LTU MOD. This presentation details the infantry fighting vehicle project development in Lithuania, noting the progress and challenges of such a programme.Find out more about Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe in the full programme here,...

Norwegian upgrade program for Leopard 2, MBT, CV90 and M-113

View this presentation from Armoured Vehicles Northern Europe, given by Major Rune Oyen and Major Gaute Indseth, Norwegian Army staff. Here Major Rune Oyen discusses the Norweign upgrade program for Leopard 2, MBT, CV90 and M-113. View the full presentation here >>If you would like to find out more information on...