Air Defence Week 2021:
The Gathering of the World's Air Defence Community

The return to Great Power competition and continue technological progress has led to a rise in both high-end and low-end threats. Faced with the proliferation of UAVs of all sizes and classes as well as heightened tensions with ballistic and cruise missile capable nations, armed forces need to rapidly evolve air defence systems across the full spectrum of threats.

Air Defence Week 2021 has been built in response to the military need to consider the total operating environment and has rapidly become the chosen meeting ground for the international air defence community; bringing together both industry and military to address the threat.
With ever increasing threats from state and non-state actors alike, the need for an immediate global response has never been greater.

Confirmed 2021 Speakers Include: 

Highlights from 2019:

Key Themes Include:

How can air defenders be aided by the OEM and systems integrators to smooth the transition from legacy to contemporary assets?

In what ways can nations increase the integration of air defence assets across air, land and sea, in an effort to create a seamless reactive capability to dealing with threats areas across the spectrum

As threats become more varied with the development of low slow small uas to hypersonic glide vehicles, what options are there for multi-model air defence systems to engage a range of targets? What are the benefits and limitations of futuristic technology, such as directed energy

What lessons can be transferred between GBAD commanders in different regions of the world, in terms of meeting operational challenges?