Maxime Bagnoud

Project Manager Armasuisse

I have graduated in 1998 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) as a Theoretical Physicist. In 2003, I obtained a PhD. in theoretical physics form the University of Neuchâtel, specializing in supersymmetric string and matrix theories, M-theory and Lie superalgebras. After a post-doctoral research position focussed on infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and orbifold compactifications of string theory at the Kyôto University in Japan, I started working for the Swiss defence procurement agency, armasuisse, in 2006.

At armasuisse, I was made responsible for diverse procurement projects touching on airspace surveillance and air command and control. After being groomed to become the military primary radar expert at armasuisse procurement, I also developed expertise in Tactical Data Link systems and in particular Link 16. Over the years, I also participated in or lead projects regarding data and voice communication, surveillance (multi-sensor tracking, data fusion/correlation and identification), airspace management, air traffic control and tactical fighter control, encompassing all aspects from system architecture, system and requirements engineering, commercial negotiations, project management and marketing.

Since 2009, I also ensure the coordination for all projects related to the Swiss Air Command and Control System, for the project portfolio management and reporting to the steering committee.

From 2013 to now, I also studied to obtain first a CAS in Business Management and then an EMBA title at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland in Neuchâtel, notably writing a Master Thesis on Platform Business Models in the field of Simulation Interoperability Middleware solutions.

Day three: Thursday 24 September

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

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