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Airspace incidents in Southeast Asia: A timeline of events

Airspace intrusions are numerous in Southeast Asia, and this is no small feat in the complex security context surrounding the region. Download this timeline compiled by Defence IQ ahead of this year’s Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia conference to have a better understanding of airspace incidents and intrusions that occurred in the past couple of years in the region, highlighting how crucial it is for these countries to solve their Air Defence capability gaps.

Air Defence in Asia: 2019 Programmes and requirements map

This regional map, created ahead of this year's Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia conference, provides insight into key requirements and ongoing programmes in the air defence sector in Southeast Asia. Download the map to learn more about:

  • South Korea’s replacement of its fleet of 24 ageing MIM-23 Hawk missile batteries
  • India’s US$543 billion deal with Russia to procure S-400 Triumf surface-to-air defence systems
  • Australia’s plans to replace its Saab RBS-70 very short-range air defence missile systems

The importance of developing Air Defence in Asia: Insight from Rheinmetall

The current situation in the Asia-Pacific region is complex and poses unique challenges for the region's Air Defence. 

Ahead of Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia, we discussed with Gerson Jaklin, Vice President of Marketing and Sales of the Air Defence and Radar Systems at Rheinmetall, our lead sponsor and a key thought leader at the conference. In this exclusive interview, learn why the full spectrum of Air Defence needs to be addressed in the region, what capabilities are missing and the reasons they decided to support our conference.

Air Defence Asia: A regional overview

Escalating tensions in the South-East Asia region in both the East and the West have prompted nations to re-think and enhance their air defence capabilities. The whole spectrum of air defence is concerned, from the threat of ballistic missile to small drones used for malicious purposes. 

Ahead of the Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia, Defence IQ have created a complimentary map of existing requirements, active programmes and direct threats, in order to better understand the different nations' responses to this security context.