Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia

FSAD Asia is the only event to consider the full spectrum of air defence for one of the most diverse and active regions in the world. With ongoing political and regional tensions, state actors developing new next-generation fighters and non-state actors utilising piloted UAV’s against national targets, air defence has become the critical enabler to all military commands active in the Asia Pacific, fuelling major investment into new early warning systems, enhanced radar capability and anti-air systems across all threat ranges.

As Asia continues major investment into programmes designed to modernise their full spectrum of air defence capabilities, the summit brings together the key commands responsible for defending Asia’s airspace against the next generation of operational threat

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Define and Shape Air Defence across Asia, with senior speakers including:

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Benefits of attending Full Spectrum Air Defence Asia:

Improve your Capability

Dramatically improve your capability by designing a fully integrated and layered air defence system covering the full spectrum of ranges

Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs by adopting new and successful command and control processes, tried and tested by peers and solution providers in the Asia-Pacific region

Reduce operaating costs

Manage the future threat by including cutting edge research- delivered by the regions leading technical specialists- into your plans & policy

Manage the future threat

Contribute to regional security and establish future partnerships beneficial to your organisation via dialogue and cooperation with senior leaders and Air Defence Commanders in Asia

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