ISR Innovation in the Drone Age

ISR Innovation in the Drone Age

The vision of a joint all-domain ISR enterprise is much closer and more realistically achievable today than it was in 1983 when General Dynamics acquired the GNAT and the Drone Age was born. Since then, there have been numerous undeniable technological advances in ISR platforms and technologies, and a few near misses as well. A quick Google search will reveal timelines of past drone hardware developments and concepts of future software applications that leave little to the imagination. “Innovation”, or so it’s called.

In this paper, innovation of a different brand will be on display, highlighting the genius thoughts, decisions, and events that made it possible for the U.S. and NATO to modernize and integrate ISR within and across global defence strategy, plans and operations.

The following white paper will outline:

  • The top three developments of the last thirty years in terms of ISR modernization, including policy changes enacted by General Scaparotti, data sharing and new acquisition models
  • Offer predictions and recommendations for the next three big innovations in the 2020s and beyond
  • The challenges associated with the popular definition of “innovation” to mean more than the sum of investment in new tools and widgets

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