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Attendee List - Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management 2016

Download your free copy of the attendee list and see who you could meet at the upcoming Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management 2016 Summit this month!

Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management: End of Year Report 2015

Download your free copy of the popular Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management: End of Year Report and read up on the latest updates and inventories across the world!

US Army: Airborne Intelligence

Colonel Adam Hinsdale, Deputy Director of ISR Programs for the US Army, spoke to us at the London conference about the most recent developments and overall challenges from the Army's perspective when it comes to integrating airborne ISR into effective cross-service operations.

Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management: What To Expect

View the overview of the innaugural Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management conference held in London, UK, in February 2014 and see what the response was like from both our senior military participants and those industry professionals providing the latest in high-end aircraft, equipment and services.

Northrop Grumman: E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

Jay Mulhall, Director of Business Development at Northrop Grumman for the E-2/C-2 programme, discusses the huge steps that the company has been taking in developing and trialling the latest Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft.

Global Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management Holdings

Brush up on the world's nation-by-nation inventory of airborne ISR and early warning platforms. This report also includes a breakdown of all known and notable national requirements, impending programmes and horizon investments. Ensure your knowledge of the sector is at its peak before you attend this coming year's Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management conference.

Getting above the competition in the Airborne ISR Market

The global market for airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms and payloads is thriving, with recent assessments pegging its latest value at close to $20 billion and forecasts of up to $43 billion by 2020. Providing a high-end, versatile capability that offers broad situational awareness, airborne ISR is the force multiplier that no modern military can be without – and recognition of this fact has led to a race for information superiority in the sky...

The SDSR and the Future of British Airborne ISTAR

The latest Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), published on 23 November 2015, provided a significant boost to Britain’s airborne intelligence, surveillance, target-acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities with the decision to acquire the P-8A Poseidon multi-mission maritime aircraft. Moreover, the SDSR provides clarity with regard to the longer-term composition of Britain’s airborne ISTAR assets: the Sentinel R1 will remain in service into the next decade, with the Shadow R1, 2030, and the E-3D AWACs and RC-135 Rivet Joint/Airseeker remaining in service until 2035. In addition, the UK will procure 20 new Protector unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) to replace the current fleet of Reapers in the combat ISTAR role. The acquisition of the P-8 and projected out-of-service dates for the Sentinel, Shadow, E-3D and Airseeker provide a benchmark from which thinking on the future of Britain’s airborne ISTAR capability can be developed. Dr. James Bosbotinis reflects on these developments.

Northrop Grumman: Unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance

Walt Kreitler, Director of Business Development at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, updates us on the performance of the MQ-4C Triton unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Royal Air Force: Purposing ISR aircraft for civil response

Wing Commander Jim Beldon, Officer Commanding 8 Squadron, UK Royal Air Force, discusses recent operations under which the RAF has assisted in providing vital ISR coverage from the sky during civil emergencies and the prospects for the future.

BAE Systems: Effective training for airborne ISR

Susan Oakley, Technical Director at BAE Systems, explains the company's approach to training, specifically in the field of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance at the 2014 Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management conference held in London, UK.

2017 Delegate List

As we draw closer to Airborne ISR & C2 Battle Management 2017 - we wanted to share a list of organisations that will be in attendance. 

The Future is Cloudy - Opportunities & Technological Challenges in Developing the ‘Combat Cloud’

This e-book explains the changing combat doctrines in the US military, prioritising data inflows over purely platforms leading up to the Combat Cloud concept. Also exploring the cyber security vulnerabilities to cloud technology and consequences in military applications and discussing the most recent program developments in US forces and globally (incl. discussion on Russia and China).

Multi-domain Command & Control

As a member of the ISR community, I thought you would be interested to review an exclusive presentation on Multi-Domain C2, delivered by Brigadier General Bradley Saltzman of the U.S. Air Force at the ISR U.S. event (7-9 Nov, 2017) .