Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace & Space 2020 Agenda

Welcome to Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space 2020! 

Now returning for its 6th year after a hugely successful event in London last year. The conference is the premium forum for AM users and will be taking place on the 25th-27th February in Birmingham, the heart of the Midlands Aerospace, for its biggest year so far.

Download the agenda to see the full line up of speakers and sessions >> 

New for 2020

  • An exclusive visit to the Siemens/Materials Solutions advanced manufacturing site in Worcester
  • More interactivity – with roundtable discussions on the following topics: Material Selection, Software Design, Metal Printing, Polymer Printing, Post Processing, Quality Assurance & Industry 4.0
  • Two dedicated panels led by the Midlands Aerospace Alliance and the European Aviation Safety Agency 

Handbook to Computed Tomography (CT) for Industrial Applications

Take a look at this Handbook from  our sponsors YXLON. 

Find more info on their website > www.yxlon.com/additive_manufacturing

Shaping the Future of Aerospace and Space Manufacturing

Presentation by Andy Schofield, Manufacturing & Materials Technology Director, BAE Systems - Air, at the 2019 Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space Conference

Download the presentation to find out:

  • Industry challenges facing manufacturing for aerospace and space
  • Strategies to address these challenges
  • Next generation manufacturing technology focus areas

2020 Sample Attendee List- Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space

    Leading AM users and R&D experts within the aerospace and space industry have already confirmed their attendance! You can now download a full list of the current AM Industry leaders who are attending this years conference. Here are a few familiar names attending: 

    • Boeing
    • Northrop Grumman
    • Airbus Defence & Space
    • Thales
    • AE Systems

    Download the attendee list here >>>>>

    Additive Manufacturing Journey for Safran Landing Systems

    In this past presentation from Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space 2019, Sébastien Messé, Additive Manufacturing Chief Engineer, Safran Landing Systems (SLS) discusses SLS' additive manufacturing journey, covering the following points: 

    • Overview of current AM processes
    • Challenges encountered in post-processing and standardisation
    • How to accelerate adoption of AM
    • Future plans for AM implementation at Safran Landing Systems

    Advanced Applications of 3D Printing: From Prototypes and Parts

    3D printing – the additive fabrication of objects by depositing and patterning successive layers of material – has been touted as an enabling platform for applications ranging from lighter, more efficient aircraft and advanced prosthetics to homemade firearms and lab-grown organs. Anthony Vicari, Research Associate at Lux Research, provides this brief report on performance improvements in this space and why additional research and development is needed for these processes to reach commercial maturity.

    Additive Manufacturing - Space is not the final frontier

    In this interview Tim Haidar from Defence IQ catches up with Alan Cox R&D Manager, Airbus

    Additive Manufacturing has been in place in one form or another for the past three decades and is increasingly becoming a part of the literal fabric of many of the world's core industries. In this interview, we look at the space industry in particular and the benefits that additive manufacturing can have in this sector and potentially the wider manufacturing fold.

    Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Military Simulators & Trainers

    Last year Robert Ghobrial, LM Technical Fellow – Production Operations Rotary & Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin gave a presentation on the applications of additive manufacturing in military simulators & trainers. 

    Interview with Markus Seibold, VP Additive Manufacturing at SIEMENS Gas & Power

    Markus Seibold, VP Additive Manufacturing, SIEMENS Gas & Power, shares exclusive insight into the Additive Manufacturing market for Aerospace and Space. SIEMENS will be the lead sponsor of our 2020 Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space conference