Past Presentations

Shaping the Future of Aerospace and Space Manufacturing

Presentation by Andy Schofield, Manufacturing & Materials Technology Director, BAE Systems - Air, at the 2019 Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space Conference

Download the presentation to find out:

  • Industry challenges facing manufacturing for aerospace and space
  • Strategies to address these challenges
  • Next generation manufacturing technology focus areas

Additive Manufacturing Journey for Safran Landing Systems

In this past presentation from Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace and Space 2019, Sébastien Messé, Additive Manufacturing Chief Engineer, Safran Landing Systems (SLS) discusses SLS' additive manufacturing journey, covering the following points: 

  • Overview of current AM processes
  • Challenges encountered in post-processing and standardisation
  • How to accelerate adoption of AM
  • Future plans for AM implementation at Safran Landing Systems

Applications of Additive Manufacturing in Military Simulators & Trainers

Last year Robert Ghobrial, LM Technical Fellow – Production Operations Rotary & Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin gave a presentation on the applications of additive manufacturing in military simulators & trainers.