Stonewood Selected by General Dynamics United Kingdom

Stonewood Selected by General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited to Protect Sensitive Mission Data and Intelligence for AgustaWestland Lynx Wildcat Helicopters

Wareham, 03 February, 2010, the Stonewood Group today announced that it has been selected by General Dynamics UK Ltd to design and develop the on-board encrypted data storage systems for the AgustaWestland AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter. The bespoke systems will be used by both the Army and the Royal Navy, and will ensure that mission and communications system data is fully protected. The AW159 Lynx Wildcat programme will deliver a fleet of light helicopters, and their capability will be a significant advance on that provided in both Iraq and Afghanistan by the current Lynx fleet.

Since entering service with the Royal Navy and the Army in the mid-1970s, the Lynx helicopter has taken on an increasingly wide range of roles including: anti-surface warfare, battlefield reconnaissance, casualty evacuation, airborne command post, logistical support and tactical troop transport. General Dynamics UK Ltd and AgustaWestland are developing the Tactical Processor that will manage the helicopter's mission systems. Stonewood will be supplying portable encrypted hard drives that plug in to the tactical system, and the key management system for the mission system and for General Dynamic’s BOWMAN communications system, which is also protected with Stonewood’s encryption technology.

Paul Goodchild, General Dynamic’s Programmes Director Development, said: "General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited is pleased to be working with the Stonewood Group. Their experience on previous bespoke encrypted systems programmes and the technical expertise of their development and manufacturing teams made them the right choice for our Lynx Wildcat tactical system. Their capabilities are unique in the country."

Stonewood will use its experience from the development of the only hardware encryption technology approved by the British Government (CESG) for the protection of Top Secret data at rest, to produce a cost-effective and secure system for this project.

Stonewood Development, the bespoke systems division of the Stonewood Group uses the knowledge and experience from the development of its accredited Eclypt technology and then customises these products for use in specific situations. In the case of the Lynx Wildcat, for example, a modular system suitable for use onboard an aircraft is being provided. Stonewood’s bespoke system can be engineered to allow authentication of multiple drives in one go, both within an integrated system such as Wildcat or across PC networks. These systems can also include software or hardware purge buttons to delete all data encryption keys preventing authentication even with system passwords and tokens, providing full data protection in the event of enemy capture.

Chris McIntosh, Stonewood Group’s CEO added: "The Army and Navy must follow strict guidelines in protecting data, and must meet requirements for data handling, so our ability to offer quick development and accreditation times is essential. This contract follows the successful execution of another high profile air vehicle bespoke programme, and we are delighted to now be working on the Lynx Wildcat programme."