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Cyber Defence & Network Security 2013: Post-Show Report

Posted: 04/10/2013

The Cyber Defence & Network Security (CDANS) 2013 conference took place in London, UK, on January 28 – 31. Attendees at this year’s event arrived from far all corners of the world, including Japan, Sweden, Thailand, the Philippines, the United States, Israel, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

Defence IQ is honoured to have hosted the event, which brought together distinguished speakers and a lively audience for a full four days of in-depth analysis on a wide range of issues relating to cybersecurity.

Today’s cyber threat is arguably at its highest level of severity and shows no signs of diminishing. Among the issues arising in recent months have been the increased frequency of targeted malware tools to disrupt or spy on critical national infrastructure networks, as well as huge financial losses as a result of criminal attacks on private businesses.

Nations in the Middle East have been forced to reassess their digital security thanks to a series of large-scale attacks, while nations in the Asia-Pacific region are now beginning to consider multinational coordination and the establishment of policy and accountability in progressive fashion. Europe and the Americas, meanwhile, continue to ponder over definitive legislation for cyber conduct but have met hurdles along the way over internet censorship and legal attribution.

The following report relates to some of the key ‘take away’ findings of just a handful of the presentations and interviews made by a range of specialists, from senior military officers to commercial sector leaders, as well as from discussions with others in the cyber community before the proceedings.

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Posted: 04/10/2013