Pola Zafra-Davis

Pola Zafra-Davis (BA, MSc, PhD) is the Community Manager at Defence IQ.  She writes on the themes of defence, as well as advancements in artificial intelligence. Her research in politics has earned her a nomination from the Political Studies Association for the Sir Ernest Barker Prize in Political Theory.  She is a member of the Terrorism and Political Violence Association (TAPVA).  Pola has taught courses in war studies, political science and political philosophy at University College London and Aberystwyth University.


Pola holds a PhD in International Politics from Aberystwyth University, an MSc in International Relations (Research) from the London School of Economics and a BA (Hons) in European Social and Political Studies from University College London.

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The aftermath of the Bastille Day Attack, where a Tunisian Lorry driver ploughed into a crowded celebration in Nice is the latest incident in Europe claimed by Daesh and the third to occur in France within 1.5 years. The driver appeared to have been radicalised very quickly with no prior religious proclivity. Radical Islam preys on the vulnerable...Full Article »