Yousuf Malik

Yousuf is Principal Consultant at Defence IQ. He is Defence IQ's in-house military expert and analyst on the global defence and security industry.  A central figure in guiding the evolution of existing conferences at the company, Yousuf also develops new conference ideas and drives them through to implementation as the company continues to add to its portfolio of events. He is happiest when helping accelerate Defence IQ’s customers’ reach into new markets. Yousuf is a shrewd judge of new business opportunities and often declares war on ambiguity.

In March this year, Silicon Valley types were abuzz with the news of how Google’s new Artificial Intelligence, AlphaGo, or AI in the jargon, took on the world’s best player of Go, a fiendishly complex board game, and won a decisive 4-1 victory.  This is a far cry from when IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer beat chess grandmaster, Gary Kasparov in...Full Article »
I was amazed to learn that the topography of Mars is better known than the topography of our own seabed. This fact was echoed by Admiral Bruno Frachon, the chief of the French naval hydrographic office, SHOM at the recent OSV 2016 conference in London this June organised by Defence IQ. But that is not the principal reason navies are investing...Full Article »
Oceanographic Survey Vessels (OSVs) are increasingly valued by naval forces to support the high demand for a well researched undersea environmental picture that enables commanders to fully understand and exploit the undersea mission environment. With 373 ships in service with 45 countries plus NATO and with 29 vessels on order in nine countries,...Full Article »
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