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Bruce Jones has carried out policy assessments as an adviser for the NATO Secretary General’s Office, Downing Street, US groups and UK and other MOD/DODs on emerging threats, future security architectures and intelligence sharing.

Pro-Moscow events and rallies have been staged commemorating Victory in Europe Day, not only in Russia and former Soviet republics, but in more than seven US cities; New York, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Houston and Boston; in London, the Baltic States, Poland, Israel and Argentina....Full Article »
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Typhoons from RAF from II(AC) Squadron based in Lossiemouth in Scotland deployed on 27 April to Ämari Air Base in Estonia to take part for four months in NATO's Air Policing Mission. They have been joined by US Air Force surveillance planes and F16 fighter jets from Portugal....Full Article »
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Moscow's deployment of MiG-31s and Su-34s at its latest, most northerly Arctic base pushes Russia's air intercept envelope over the North Pole and into the North American continent....Full Article »
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Mikk Marran, Director General of Estonia's spy agency Teabeamet, the equivalent of Britain's MI6, warns in the organisation's first ever Annual Report, released on 9 March, of new risks of attacks in the region and conflict with Russia....Full Article »
NATO, the EU and individual nations are becoming increasingly perturbed by ongoing disinformation and propaganda warfare operations carried out by the Kremlin in Western countries. Will Western countries take effective steps to raise awareness so that propaganda and disinformation attacks are sufficiently recognised and discounted by the press and...Full Article »