Granville-White, CBE

Chris Granville-White, CBE
Chris was a pilot in the Royal Air Force, with an operational background flying single-seat aircraft in the attack and recce roles. He flew Hunters in the Middle East for 2 years operating from Aden, Bahrain and Sharjah. He later flew Hunters in Germany, and Harriers as an off-base site commander in Germany. Following conversion to the Jaguar, he was a squadron commander in the UK and on regular detachments to North Norway. He also spent 3 years as a flying instructor at the RAF College Cranwell.
Following his time on operational flying, he worked for 11 years in the Operational Requirements branch in MoD, where he was responsible for the Harrier GR5/7, Jaguar Fly-by-Wire, Experimental Aircraft Programme (EAP), and Eurofighter Typhoon. In the early days of Eurofighter Typhoon, he negotiated the operational requirement with the air staffs of the partner air forces, and for 8 years was on the 4-Nation Board of Directors.
Chris is a graduate of the RAF's Air Warfare Course, and the Royal Navy Staff College at Greenwich. His individual project papers won the course prize on both courses.
In his spare time he is a Yachtmaster Ocean sail-training skipper, instructor and examiner with the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth, and the RAF Sailing Association. He was appointed CBE in 1996.
Since finishing his time in the Royal Air Force, Chris has worked in various roles in the defence industry — and also chairs several of the annual IQPC conferences.