David Bailey joins us in the New Year to pass along some of his thoughts on how he sees social media progressing on the NATO front. Here, he is moments away from addressing the future generation of information operations specialists at the NATO school in Oberammergau, Germany. The school is responsible for training media specialists in...Full Article »
NATO ISAF radio personality David Bailey speaks with LCDR Morgan Murphy of the US Navy about ISAF's use of Twitter and Facebook. The comparison between private sector and military uses of social media seems to show that, in some cases, the military is ahead of the curve. Press release publication and distribution on Twitter and Facebook...Full Article »
In this episode of 'Social Media and the Military', David Bailey reflects on the prospects that social media have created in post conflict zones. There remains the question that, if social media tools had been available in the late 1990's and early 2000's, these could have contributed to more successful influence activities...Full Article »
In this third 'Social Media and the Military' podcast, David Bailey catches US Navy Admiral James Stavridis (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) during a brief pause during an operational visit, to ask the SACEUR why Social Media is, in his opinion, important to NATO. The Admiral describes social media as a network building device,...Full Article »
In this first instalment of our podcast series, 'Social Media and the Military', David Bailey reports on-site from ISAF Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. He begins with a one-on-one session featuring renowned German defence journalist and blogger, Thomas Wiegold. They touch on some very difficult issues, including the ways in which...Full Article »
In this edition of our popular podcast series, 'Social Media and the Military', David Bailey speaks with Lt Col Tom Brouns who is the voice behind 'Why Afghanistan Matters' - a site which outlines the military's take on the mission in Afghanistan. They discuss the finer points of control in media, whether it be from...Full Article »