Joel recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a First in International Relations. He is working at Defence IQ as an Executive Reporter before commencing a Masters degree in Security and Diplomacy Studies.

Eastern European states are reconsidering their military procurement plans in light of Russian intervention in Ukraine. States have watched despairingly at what they see as NATO’s failure to provide a robust response to Moscow and some are now looking to overhaul their own military capabilities....Full Article »
Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important component of national security doctrine as states pour vast amounts of money into developing capabilities to compete in the cyber battlefield....Full Article »
On September 22, the air campaign against ISIL expanded into Syria in a coordinated attack that included nearly 50 coalition aircraft backed by a broad coalition of committed nations. The anti-ISIL alliance includes five Arab nations participating in intensive military attacks, following Obama’s insistence that the campaign was not "America...Full Article »
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Andrew Lambert, Naval History Professor at Kings’s College London, has criticised UK politicians for shackling the Royal Navy, taking aim at the expensive, high-spec warships that are tasked with relatively basic jobs such as anti-piracy, anti-narcotic and humanitarian missions. He has slammed the wastefulness of this approach and called for...Full Article »
The success of the Invictus Games opened a window into the world of the UK’s injured servicemen and women. Each of the 400 competitors had their own heroic and inspiring story of recovery, as thousands watched the competition unfold in events such as wheelchair basketball and sit-down volleyball....Full Article »
At last year’s Military Airlift conference in London in September, leading experts met to discuss the future of strategic and tactical airlift, particularly focusing on the impact of the A400M....Full Article »
With US troops scheduled to leave Afghanistan by the end of the year, Joint Tactical Air Control (JTAC) have played a pivotal part in the war, directing daily airstrikes against Taliban positions. When coalition troops are under fire, their ability to communicate accurate information is vital. They have also been tasked with training the Afghan...Full Article »
The U.S. Navy has hit back at its critics with a staunch defence of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) programme. Lt Robert Myers, a Pentagon for the Navy, charged that critics have rounded on the LCS because of outdated perspectives, stressing that the versatility of the ship is a formidable strength....Full Article »
It’s been a torrid year for the civilian aviation industry with this year’s news cycle dominated by the tragic fates of Malaysian Airline flights MH17 and MH370. Airlines and governments are raising concerns about passenger safety as industry enters a period of thorough self-examination....Full Article »
With polls suggesting the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ vote are neck and neck in the run up to the Scottish referendum on independence, attention has again been drawn to the future of the United Kingdom’s nuclear Trident programme....Full Article »