Kieran Hannon

Kieran Hannon is a recognised social media expert in the UK. He has appeared on BBC news live, BBC Technology (website), ITV and the Guardian as an expert in the space. Kieran boasts an impressive list of clients spanning Defence, Energy, Financial Services, FMCG, Professional Services, IT and Government. Kieran has had a number of defense clients over the past 4 years. Kieran has been a trusted social media advisor to BAE Systems for the past 2 years helping them to deliver several social media projects and to drive 2 and 3 figure growth across all their social media channels. BAE systems were recently ranked in 6th place on the FTSE by Sociagility for social performance. The highest rank for a non B2C company. If you are interested in discussing how social media fits into your digital strategy or how it effects your digital self then contact Kieran provides executive coaching as well as digital change management services.  

The statistics behind Narendra Modi’s online election campaign speak for themselves. There were 58 million election related tweets in India between January and May this year. Modi himself was mentioned over 20 million times. Following the election, Modi interacted personally on Twitter with a number of international leaders including David...Full Article »
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