The potential for commercial or hand-build small unmanned aircraft to be used by terrorists to deliver explosive, chemical, biological or radioactive payloads is a growing concern. As Defence IQ discovers, several companies are now offering counter-UAS or counter-drone systems, such as holographic radar....Full Article »
The NATO AGS programme remains of critical importance to the alliance and to the future shape of unmanned aviation in Europe. But the problems facing both the platform and the general sector aren’t quite as close to being solved as appearance suggests judging by reports from the rollout event for the first AGS airframe....Full Article »
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A key challenge for companies operating in the cyber-defence market is in providing solutions that leverage both technological capability and human expertise. Buyers may be unwilling to pay solely for a managed service if they already have invested in an information-security team of their own - and few enterprises active in the defence industry...Full Article »
To the cynical outsider, the broadening adoption of interoperable open architectures (OA) by defence-industry contractors will appear surprising. In the eyes of opponents of the arms trade, industry’s sole motivation appears to be profit - and adoption of open systems architectures looks certain to limit companies’ ability to sell big...Full Article »
At first glance, there seems no particular reason why the defence industry should take much notice of the crisis experienced late in 2014 by Sony Pictures. The Hollywood film studio suffered an attack by hackers; stolen data included scripts of future releases, private emails to and from employees, and personal details of staff. The material was...Full Article »
Innovation in defence technology doesn’t have to mean complicated electronic systems or advanced engineering projects. One new capability the British Army introduced during the launch event for Force Troops Command, held at Upavon airfield on Salisbury Plain in March, is a combat-tested variation on a weapon system that’s been in use...Full Article »