James Fahey

James Fahey (BEng, MIntRel, MBus) is a former Maritime Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy and a PhD student at Curtin University researching Australia's maritime strategy and force composition. James' operational experience on a variety of naval platforms provides practical insights to his strategic observations complementing his understanding of International Defence and political issues. 

In his current role as Manager-Marine for a major resources joint venture company he has gained an appreciation of security concerns from an industry perspective. You can follow James on Twitter @jamesmkfahey

Much has been made of the Australian Navy's procurement of Landing Helicopter Dockships (LHD) and Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD) with the Government citing improved capability to respond to humanitarian crises as a leading reason for the acquisitions. Given the ships the LHD is replacing (Manoora and Kanimbla) this reasoning appears justified,...Full Article »
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The acquisition of Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) by African states has attracted significant attention. But are such vessels truly the answer to Africa's issues? A series of questions must be asked to determine their suitability including what threat are they being used to reduce, can they be operated efficiently, are they able to be...Full Article »
The relationship between the Armed Forces and the media has the power to enhance operations, disrupt intelligence, complicate diplomatic activities and end careers. Most people in Defence tend to either fear or detest the media due to their focus on negative – and generally more newsworthy – incidents rather than positive actions. To...Full Article »
The creation of the Australian Border Force (ABF) within the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will bring together people, capabilities and systems with a focus on law enforcement in border operations. The ABF will work across all points of entry to Australia helping bring a multitude of roles into a focused, centralised agency....Full Article »