Andy Simms

An award-winning editor and feature writer, Andy Simms was a member of the senior editorial team that established Soldier, the official magazine of the British Army, as the best internal magazine in Britain. Now the managing director of TylerBale, he continues to write widely on military issues and provide editorial support to those in the defence industry.

With recent history awash with gallantry awards and media accounts of extraordinary feats of courage in combat, it is soldiers’ brawn, not brains which monopolises modern perceptions of the British Army. Recognising that time spent in lecture theatres can provide very real benefits to British muscle in operational theatres, the Ministry of...Full Article »
Crews flying the latest incarnation of the British Army’s primary battlefield utility helicopter can now familiarise themselves with in-flight operational procedures in a virtual environment thanks to training, simulation and consultancy specialist NSC....Full Article »
Specialist software designed by NSC is helping to train Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior in the use of advanced defensive armament technology....Full Article »
Charged with maximising the impact of innovation on UK defence and security, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has always considered collaboration its cornerstone. Since its formation in 2001, the government agency has routinely worked with industry and academia - nationally and internationally – to develop battle-winning...Full Article »