Serena Joseph-Harris

Serena Joseph-Harris is an international security expert, author and presenter with an well-established track record in intergovernmental dialogue to combat transnational organized crime and in analyzing the confluence of defense policy, public diplomacy and law enforcement. A former intelligence chief and envoy she has served in decision-making capacities as one of founding members of the Inter American Drug Control architecture of expert groups and co-president of the European Union Latin America Caribbean Cooperation and Coordination Mechanism Against Drugs. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Sirius International (Caribbean) Defense Contractors Ltd.

The challenges currently experienced by the government of Mexico, highlighted in the article ‘Mexico sets sights on cyber security’, in which it is stated that high value targets such as the country’s public institutions and critical infrastructure, financial institutions and oil and gas assets are under continuous assault by...Full Article »
Earlier discussions on violent extremist movements such as the Islamic State and the Levant (ISIL) give credence to the reasons why religion, nationality, organisation or even ethnicity, as points of reference in defining this phenomenon, are moot. This vortex of violence, as we have come to understand, is anchored in the global Islamic Jihad that...Full Article »
This discussion will assist the reader in navigating the range of conceptual and definitional challenges that must be extrapolated, understood and resolved in working towards a unified strategy to overwhelm a phenomenon, the definition of which is a constantly metamorphosing feature and in terms of its character, currently has no discernible...Full Article »
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This third installment of the ongoing bi-regional discourse themed "On the Throes of Transition - Terrorism: Assessment, Analysis, Action" is appropriately called "Countering the Stereotype of a Tropical Paradise" for reasons that are self-evident. Part III of the dialogue will run through the months of spring of 2015....Full Article »
While studying Ambassador Ward’s article, Cuba and Venezuela: Assessing United States sanctions in the Hemisphere, and thinking about the absence of a coherent articulated policy within CARICOM on the issues at hand, I referred back to my archives to pull an article that was penned prior to President Chavez’s demise some years ago....Full Article »
The dissemination of The Cartagena Files was timed to coincide with the convocation of the South American Integrated Land and Maritime Border Security Summit (SAMSEC) in Cartagena on 30 June – 2 July 2014. The forum will bring together high-level professionals from the diplomatic, defence, law enforcement, and border control communities to...Full Article »
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The Andean region is one of three sub-regions in the world designated by the United Nations as "regions under stress," the other two being South West Asia and South East Asia. The significance of this specification lies in the fact that within these regions criminal networks have become very skilled and exploited the advantages of weaknesses in...Full Article »
The Department of Defense is the lead federal agency involved in efforts to detect and monitor aerial and maritime illegal drug shipments entering the United States. This role is buttressed by the ratification of the 1988 Vienna Convention, following which the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. State Department embarked upon efforts to develop Maritime...Full Article »
The region of Central America and the Caribbean has long been used by drug traffickers as a major transit and trans-shipment area. While the Caribbean route is largely preferred by Colombian traffickers, Mexican criminal groups engaged in drug trafficking opt to exploit the Central American corridor. Either of these routes constitutes clear and...Full Article »