Candyce Kelshall

Candyce Kelshall is a Fellow at the Center for Security and Intelligence Studies at The University of Buckingham in the United Kingdom. She is a specialist in Conflict and Global affairs and is the author of two books: Armed Forces and Government and Mutiny or Revolution?

ISIL has recruits from over 100 countries. Large numbers from Belgium and France but proportionately it also has a significant number from the Caribbean – specifically Trinidad and Tobago. This is not a coincidence or an aside. This is a major issue to be dealt with for two reasons: ISIL operates in nodes, and ISIL is a violent transnational...Full Article »
The existing structure of law enforcement and prevailing views of terrorism are officially antiquated. Decentralisation, destabilisation and insurgent methodology using mixed techniques in multiple sites, simultaneously are the hallmarks of the new wave of terrorism Europe is grappling with. It is neither ISIL nor AQ but a combination of both...Full Article »
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Counter-terrorism is reactionary and conducted after the terrorist event. Anti-terrorism initiatives, on the other hand, provide a counter dialogue which can be employed in social media, on television and in mosques. Pro-actionary response is what is needed to ensure those with intent to harm us, are saved from themselves. In saving them, we save...Full Article »
The creation of a new world system – not just a change in the current system – is arguably the raison d'être behind the rise in transnational terrorist threats. The fact that groups like Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and ISIL persist despite degradation attempts might indicate that our approach is based on an outdated definition of these...Full Article »
The functional and institutional nature of hybrid terrorist groups reveals one of the key ways in which we can understand the changing dynamic of current state threats. The closest analogy that may help us understand the success of these violent groups is that of functional state regionalism. These violent social groups form arguably for the same...Full Article »
We stand on a hill with a pocket full of stones. We watch the drone flying in from a distance crossing the borders of adjoining states. We watch as it drops a bomb which changes our lives and our humanity, irreparably. Our first response is to consider the drone ‘ours’ and the stone thrower, the terrorist. This assumption may be flawed....Full Article »
ISIL has grabbed the world’s attention with new levels of barbarism revealed in the scripted murder of the man known throughout the world as "the pilot". Jordanian Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh has become a symbol for moderate Muslims, westerners and all who agree that ISIL must be dealt with for the sake of human decency....Full Article »
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The al Qaeda-allied Somali terrorists of Al-Shabaab ("The Youth"), and the pirates that comprise their "navy," have repeatedly gained world attention—and then been forgotten. In July, Al-Shabaab was blamed for homicidal raids in Kenya, as revenge for Kenyan intervention against the Islamist extremists in Somalia beginning late last year....Full Article »
Piracy in Nigeria is a misnomer. What actually occurs is maritime crime within the territorial waters of Nigeria. It is not a new problem this issue has been escalating since 2006. This is a problem which has been on a slow burn for years and in fact the number of incidents which occur in Nigerian waters and the Gulf of Guinea exceeds that of...Full Article »