Thomas Chappelow

Tom is a Defence, Counterterrorism and Intelligence Project Lead. He has extensive working experience in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Saharan Africa.

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With the conflict in The Democratic Republic of the Congo nearing 10 years of almost non-stop fighting, and with political relations between the government and rebel groups - and more recently Rwanda - at a stalemate, focus has shifted to the UN peacekeeping force, MONUSCO, in a search for solutions to the ever-worsening humanitarian situation....Full Article »
For the second time in three years, Egyptians have witnessed mass protests, urban military deployments and the deposition of a President. The events of the past few days are similar to those proceeding President Hosni Mubarak's forceful removal from office in 2011 but with one crucial difference; this Coup could bode ill for the very...Full Article »
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In December 2010, a series of protests in Tunisia gave birth to what is now dubbed the Arab Spring. The events that followed have been studied in-depth, attracting a large volume of commentary. Interestingly though, there is little talk about the use of crowdsourcing to gather intelligence. This is especially curious considering that information...Full Article »
The attacks on Boston last week, and the EOD managed detonations that followed, marked a chilling event in American history: the first major domestic attack since 9/11. Worryingly though, FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers noted that early examinations conducted by investigators suggested the devices had a ‘pressure cooker shell’....Full Article »
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