James P. Farwell
and Darby Arakelian

James P. Farwell has advised the U.S. Department of Defense, is an expert on political issues in the Middle East and author of a new book, Persuasion & Power (Washington: Georgetown University Press, 2012). Darby Arakelian is a former CIA Officer and national security expert. Ms. Arakelian specializes in terrorism and counterterrorism communications strategy and analysis, cyber warfare, and automated media monitoring and analysis.

The criminal indictment of five People Liberation Army officers for hacking into the computers of six U.S. companies for economic espionage to steal trade secrets and sensitive information sends a message but the bite has no teeth. The better way to hold China accountable is to take them to a World Trade Organization panel, which could issue a...Full Article »
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It didn’t take long for the Syrian rebel Supreme Military Council to unload on the U.S. and U.K. as co-conspirators in a scheme to hand over Syria to violent extremist Islamists as the U.S. and U.K. cancelled non-lethal aid to the rebels. Russia had also expressed concerned over Islamic Front seizures of supplies and equipment. Turkish Prime...Full Article »
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Turkish President Abdullah Gül’s finger-pointing at the West that lays blame on almost everyone but Turkey for the deaths of over one hundred thousand Syrians, mostly civilians, says more about Turkish arrogance than Gül’s hollow posturing as a wannabe statesman. Syria, he warns, is becoming Afghanistan on the shores of the...Full Article »
As Congress debates strikes at Syria for using chemical weapons against its own people, much attention has focused on using Cruise missiles for limited strikes. The risks are evident. Will these be seen as a delayed, empty gesture that inflicts little damage but prods Bashar Assad into stepping up further attacks? Would casualties inflicted merely...Full Article »
The U.S. should encourage the new government—which, like it or not, call its rise a coup or not, is one Washington must work with—to achieve popular legitimacy while avoiding extreme actions that could create a civil war. With unemployment soaring, the economy sputtering and social tensions rising, economic improvements are a natural...Full Article »
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Who is the Muslim Brotherhood kidding? Their bleating over the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is like listening to children who murdered their parents then complain they are orphans. Jihadis in Syria and Islamists in Egypt are denouncing democracy as a fraudulent concept when in fact they are the victims of their own incompetence and...Full Article »
Egyptian President Muhamad Morsi and his cohorts are revealing their true character and Egyptians don’t like what they see. Morsi is fast draining the Muslim Brotherhood of political credibility, in Egypt and across the region. For years people wondered whether it would honour professed promises to embrace democratic pluralism and religious...Full Article »