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Defence IQ is delighted to announce the release of the 4th annual Global Armoured Vehicle Market Report 2015. It’s available here in a free-to-view Slideshare presentation for the first time....Full Article »
The PLA has been granted approval to build a port in Hong Kong, the Free Syria Army has a new leader and South Korea's defence exports boom....Full Article »
In this week's Debrief China and Taiwan meet for the first time since 1949, Iranian ships sail up to the US maritime border and wave their fists, and Poland invests in a new military vehicle programme....Full Article »
Anonymous Caucasus is a hacking group that has promised to wreak cyber war on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Citing historic injustices – with 2014 marking the 150th anniversary of the final conquest of Imperialist Russia where Sochi is said to be built on the graves of 1 million Circassians – the group is not thought to be...Full Article »
Following up from a successful International Armoured Vehicles conference this week, we look at the future of armoured vehicle fleets as unmanned ground vehicles gain traction among R&D boffins. Canada has set out a new set of rules for military procurement while India's MMRCA deal with Dassault looks to be stuck in the mud....Full Article »
This week the UAE has announced its intention to introduce mandatory military service for adult males, troubles in Libya mount, Ban Ki Moon makes a fairly stark error and the UK invests in 3D manufacturing technology....Full Article »
This week we look at the UK's armoured vehicle programmes, China's new hypersonic missile carrier and transparency of cyber spending in the US....Full Article »
In this week's Debrief we look at South Sudan anticipating fresh violence while Irag teeters on the verge of civil war and Afghanistan looking equally unstable....Full Article »
In this week's Debrief we look at the restructuring at the Pentagon that has made room for a Director-level cyber security position, Google's venture into the military robotics space, worrying developments in the Kim dynasty, and the UK's newly unveiled submarine design....Full Article »
This week’s big news centres around France sending in 1,600 troops to the Central African Republic (CAR). Elsewhere, we learn about the surprising benefits of China’s smog, the toppling of the Lenin statue in the Ukraine and EADS cuts 5,800 jobs....Full Article »
51 results
of 6