Richard Williams completed a full career as a British Army Officer serving in the Royal Artillery, and more recently has been working in the defence industry as a Director with RKW 200 Ltd (Consulting).  He commanded 4th Field Regiment Royal Artillery, he was the Senior Instructor for all Artillery Training at the British Army Training Unit at Suffield in Canada, and the Chief Instructor at the Royal School of Artillery, Larkhill.  He was a member of the Directing Staff at what is now the UK Defence College at Shrivenham, the Commander of the Joint Services Ranges in the Outer Hebrides, the Vice President at the Army Officers Selection Board at Westbury, the Chief of Joint Operations and Plans at the NATO HQ in Heidelberg, and the Senior British Officer in the HQ U.S. Army Europe & 7th Army.

The debate of conventional artillery compared with rocket has been a classic British Army Staff College subject for a discussion topic over the years because there is no right or wrong answer. That’s because the question is not addressing a comparison of 'like with like'. However, it is an excellent way of identifying the strengths...Full Article »
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