Yousuf Malik

Yousuf is Principal Consultant at Defence IQ. He is Defence IQ's in-house military expert and analyst on the global defence and security industry.  A central figure in guiding the evolution of existing conferences at the company, Yousuf also develops new conference ideas and drives them through to implementation as the company continues to add to its portfolio of events. He is happiest when helping accelerate Defence IQ’s customers’ reach into new markets. Yousuf is a shrewd judge of new business opportunities and often declares war on ambiguity.

The critical issue preventing Mexico from realising the vast potential of its geographical location is security. Whether it is the energy sector or manufacturing and services, few foreign companies are willing to risk the safety of their employees in the country or see their goods stolen and ransomed at the hands of powerful drug cartels and...Full Article »
At a busy e-Learning tradeshow at London Olympia in the spring of 2014, over a hundred companies exhibited innovative learning technologies for corporate and public sector clients. But only 3 or 4 had prior experience in doing work for the military. This was understandable; the military isn’t a big market – well, not yet – but I...Full Article »
There is a significant and largely untapped opportunity behind the convergence of Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) and the Internet of Things (IoT). What the defence industry hasn’t yet realised is that if it embraces open architecture it can benefit from numerous business efficiencies in the defence sector while also becoming a...Full Article »
Africa’s economic future is looking more assured than at any other point since winning independence from the colonial powers. While war, famine, disease, and crime are yet to be widely expunged from the continent, the most common sight on the horizon today is that of oil tankers and other ships carrying Africa’s new wealth to markets....Full Article »
The former chief of defence of The Netherlands, Dick Berlijn, and Dutch defence expert, Peter Wijninga, recently backed the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programme and their government’s bid to acquire the fifth generation fighter. This comes after the majority of Dutch MPs now back the idea of ditching the hugely expensive and much-...Full Article »
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