Calum Jeffray

Calum Jeffray is a Research Analyst within the National Security & Resilience studies programme at RUSI. His research interests include cyber security, counter-terrorism and counter violent extremism, and the nature and impact of organised crime within the UK. Prior to joining the Institute, he organised security and defence conferences for an international events company. He completed his MPhil in International Relations at the University of Cambridge, where his dissertation examined the role of international organisations in improving cyber security. He also holds a first class MA in French from the University of St Andrews.

Six months ago few people had even heard of Bitcoin, and many of those only knew it through its association with the infamous Silk Road marketplace. The growth in the currency’s popularity has been matched by concern over its use by criminals and extremist groups; the leaking of an April 2012 FBI intelligence assessment noting the risks of...Full Article »
Is it possible to accurately measure the cost that the UK is paying as a result of hacking, data theft, corporate espionage, and other cyber offences? Defence IQ’s Calum Jeffray explores this question in the wake of a report published by the University of Cambridge looking at the cost of cyber crime to the UK economy....Full Article »
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