Xander Ross

Xander Ross is a War Studies student at the the Universiy of Birmingham and an assistant reporter for Defence IQ. He is currently undertaking research for his undergraduate dissertation 'The Long Range Desert Group and the British Way in Warfare'. His particular interests are in strategic cultures, guerrilla warfare, counter insurgency, and robotic warfare.

With attack helicopters and Russian fighter jets plummeting to the ground around Syria, it could suggest President Assad’s air campaign is faltering. In June, Defence IQ published an article called ‘What do Russian attack helicopters say about Syrian strategy?’ Three months on we ask: what has changed – and why?......Full Article »
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The Army cuts announced by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, which will see personnel fall from 102,000 to 82,000 by 2020, have "increased uncertainty where clarity was needed" according to Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy....Full Article »
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Defence IQ takes a brief look at the latest maritime security news from around the globe....Full Article »
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Your snap-shot of the recent armoured vehicle news from around the globe....Full Article »
The cargo ship supposedly transporting attack helicopters to Syria has returned to Russia....Full Article »
France’s new President François Hollande recently announced that French troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of 2012, one year earlier than initially planned. Until recently, Hollande has remained relatively mooted in terms of his overall defence policy. His election was won on the arguably more urgent economic crisis than it was...Full Article »
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While many spat their tea and ground their cigars at the idea of another step away from the days of the Glorious Old Empire, it is worth asking whether today’s strategy is, in fact, more in line with how the nation has always fought its battles than we care to remember....Full Article »
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