Roy Revie

Roy Revie is a freelance writer and Phd candidate in Social and Policy Sciences at the University Of Bath. His doctoral research explores the information and communication aspects of contemporary conflict, with particular focus on the changing communication practices of government and military actors as they adapt to the challenges of Web 2.0. 

Two areas in the study of Information Operations (IO) which have generated a substantial literature in the last few years are those concerning the subject of ‘narrative’ and those which looks at developments in the global information environment. They have received this attention due largely to the changing social and technological...Full Article »
While the social element has always been a key factor in IO, the rise of social media as a key feature in contemporary conflicts was a key issue of interest across the board as IO practitioners and structures begin to adapt to leverage their expertise in the new media environment....Full Article »
Tags: IO
The growth of social and new media in the last decade has produced widespread change as new social practices, political strategies, and ways of doing business have quickly emerged to become accepted and integrated features of our everyday lives...Full Article »