Chris Archer
According to Lt Col Bill Hagestad, Author of ‘21st Century Chinese Warfare’, you "cannot pick up a newspaper or read a blog without hearing about the cyber threats from the People’s Republic of China regarding their use of cyber and information warfare". In the following interview Chris Archer delves into this in detail with...Full Article »
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Major Paul Smyth, author of Blogging from the Battlefield - The View from the Frontline in Afghanistan, and formerly the Media Operations Centre Director for the British Army at Camp Bastion, spoke with IDGA’s Chris Archer (@DefenseInsider) on the role of media operations in combat zones and how social media has changed the way news is...Full Article »
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In the following interview, IDGA’s Chris Archer explores the current and future landscape of cyber warfare with Scott Borg, CEO of the Cyber Consequences Unit....Full Article »
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