Louis DeAnda

Louis DeAnda, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a 27-year veteran of metropolitan and federal law enforcement, organized crime investigation, and counter-terrorism operations both within the domestic United States and internationally through the Pentagon’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO).  He holds a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and graduate study in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  In addition to his field investigation experience, he is a former instructor-trainer at the United States Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  He was a former United States Federal Air Marshal / Instructor-Trainer from 2002 through 2007 and was also a founding member and investigations subject matter expert for JIEDDO Fox Team 1, a previously classified counter-IED operations unit deployed to Baghdad, Iraq from 2007 to mid-2009.  He has conducted over one hundred point of capture interviews with terrorists, insurgents, and key criminal personalities from approximately one dozen recognized and emerging criminal organizations involved in insurgency and terrorism in Latin America and the Middle East.  He now operates a strategic security consultancy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and may be contacted directly on the LinkedIn professional network

However well-intentioned it may be, nation building in a state with a tribal culture may be a failed doctrine from the outset. In cases where intervention is essential and where indigenous cultural resistance to adoption of Western-style democratic values is high and entrenched, the punitive expedition may be the best or "least bad" response....Full Article »
This article examines the evolving Hybrid Threat, its potential to pose existential threats to homeland security, its resistance to conventional, unilateral approaches and countermeasures, and proposes a highly cohesive, multi-dimensional approach merging Enterprise Theory of Investigation and military special operations targeting as the...Full Article »
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Throughout history and pre-history, tribal parties that conflict in this region have leveraged the art of negotiation to buy time, consolidate forces, recuperate, change sides, or deceptively manoeuvre the opposition into a position conducive for ambush and annihilation. We should not be deceived....Full Article »
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Afghanistan. It’s the longest continuous conflict in United States history and unfortunately may be a harbinger of conflicts to come in the next decade. What the U.S. takes away from this conflict in terms of lessons learned will shape our preparation for the next conflict not just militarily, but politically as well....Full Article »
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The last year in Afghanistan has seen an increase in the frequency of attacks upon U.S. and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) personnel by Afghans who were soldiers, recruits undergoing training, acting as embedded advisors, or otherwise occupying low-level security positions at bases or outposts jointly occupied. If IEDs were...Full Article »
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Police forces have spent decades combating organised crime with well-practised techniques, but can the same tactics be the key to defeating insurgencies on the front line? Former police officer, federal marshal, and JIEDDO FOX team member Louis J. DeAnda tells Defence IQ how we need to take a holistic strategy to IED network attack......Full Article »
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