Malcolm Warr is an Associate of the Corbett Centre for Maritime Affairs. He had pivotal responsibilities for naval logistic support in the Falklands and Gulf Wars. He was involved in the concept planning for the UK MARS programme and the New Zealand PROTECTOR Programmes and various Sea Basing initiatives. He was head of Naval Logistics and planning for the Royal Navy of Oman during the early 1990s.

He has also been involved in direction and management of humanitarian aid and reconstruction in Rwanda, East Timor, Somalia and Iraq.

In the local Ayr newspaper a shade before Christmas, there appeared a nostalgic article as one of HMS Gannet’s longest serving Sea King helicopters was sent on its way for disposal. On the 31st December, the Scottish Royal Navy Search & Rescue flight ceased operations. As I write, the future of HMS Gannet is unknown....Full Article »
As might be expected there is much talk about defence in the run up to the UK’s General Election in May. But there is no such debate about the United Kingdom’s defence and internal protection of its infrastructure and assets. Any complex and modern society relies on reliable transport, utilities and communications but all too often...Full Article »
Just after the successes of the Olympic Games, the UK Defence Secretary told the press, "the thing that I'm learning is that the application of the lean commercial approach model does have relevance in areas of the MOD but equally you can't look at a warship and say 'How can I bring a lean management model to this?' –...Full Article »
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It is said that effective afloat support is decisive in maintaining the wide spectre of current naval operations around the globe. From supporting troops engaged in expeditionary missions, the protection of crucial shipping lanes, to engaging in humanitarian missions, afloat support has never been more important and this trend will only continue...Full Article »
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