Mark Lowe

Mark Lowe is Editior-in-Chief of The Maritime Security Review, a global publication for maritime security and quarterly magazine supported by a web-based multimedia platform. 

The provision of maritime security services in Nigeria is about to be turned on its head; non-legal actors will be forced out of the country and the Nigerian Navy and National Security Agency will begin to play an even more important role in regulating the industry....Full Article »
Since the release on November 1 of the seven crew members kidnapped from the Bourbon Liberty 249 off the coast of Nigeria on October 15, there has been considerable debate as regards the payment, or otherwise, of a ransom....Full Article »
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Guantanamo Bay is synonymous with many things, but clean energy does not generally figure amongst them. Nevertheless, the United States Navy is doing its best to ensure that electricity generated on the naval base is as green as possible. Because the United States and Cuba do not maintain diplomatic relations, Guantanamo Bay must produce...Full Article »