Keith Mallon.

Keith Mallon worked for Defence IQ from 2008 to 2011. Prior to Defence IQ, he worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Dublin and holds a First Class Honours Masters in the History of International Relations from University College Dublin.

It’s a slimmed down panel this week, but rather perfectly formed, as Defence Dateline Group’s Jonathan Dowdall figures out how the EU are going to control all those pesky private security contractors. There are some interesting suggestions being debated, but can they actually work? Then Keith Mallon tackles the data from ISAF’s...Full Article »
The 10 year anniversary of NATO’s intervention in Afghanistan has prompted widespread comment on the progress of that conflict. Striking in the the recent coverage is not only the profound sense of pessimism from many commentators, but also the attention paid to the insurgency’s component factions. There is no shortage of opinion...Full Article »
Last week’s DSEi exhibition saw several new armoured vehicles and technologies shown in public for the first time, with several major programme updates being unveiled. Widespread analysis of the armoured vehicles market predicts a downturn in orders post-Afghanistan, but there was significant optimism among manufacturers at the show,...Full Article »
This year’s round of air shows left me feeling decidedly unsettled as old certainties just keep on disappearing. Take, for, instance the recent MAKS 2011, held at Zhukovsky as usual, just outside Moscow. Whereas the 2010 Zhuhai Airshow generated a plethora of coverage from aviation reporters, this 2011’s MAKS passed by...Full Article »
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"I dropped more bombs than you did." And so begins the playground one-upmanship that invariably follows a multi-nation, multi-organisation operation. This time it’s Libya and the NATO allies are getting their measuring tapes out to decide who was the most potent force during the months-long campaign to oust Gadaffi....Full Article »