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Jack D Segal
Jack Segal currently serves as a member of SACEUR's Strategic Advisory Team and Visiting Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Security Studies, National Defense University.
For over a decade, he served as Chief Foreign Policy Advisor to NATO's four-star operational Commander for the Afghanistan ISAF mission from 2002 to 2010. He participated in decision-making for ISAF operational planning and strategic assessments; served as Advisor to NATO strategic commander (SACEUR) on NATO contingency planning, Afghan transition, counter-piracy, "High North" (implications of Arctic environmental change), energy security and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD); and served as Adviser to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.
For over two decades, he served as a senior career US diplomat, serving the US State Department and the White House. His primary duties included: National Security Council Director for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia and Director for Non-proliferation/export controls; Moscow - WMD destruction/START implementation; first US Consul General in Siberia (WMD implementation; opening business ties); Political/Military Chief in Israel (ballistic missile defence development, Gulf War, Intifada); Chief of Staff to Undersecretary of State for International Security and Arms Control; START strategic nuclear weapons negotiating team (missile/bomber limits, monitoring/compliance); His service was recognised with four Superior Honor Awards.
Previous to this, he served eleven years in the US Army as an Infantry Officer with two tours in Viet Nam (4th and 25th Infantry Division - III Corps); a tour in Germany with Army Security Agency (strategic intelligence/SIGINT). In 1965, after a year at Penn State University, he joined the Army and was commissioned through Infantry OCS.  After parachute training, he joined the 4th Infantry Division in Dau Tieng, Vietnam as a 2d Lieutenant, serving there through the Tet Offensive.  He volunteered for a second Vietnam tour and, after promotion to Captain, was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi.  Among his awards were the Bronze Star and two Meritorious Service Medals.

Jack received a BA (Cum Laude) in International Relations from Boston University.  He returned to the Army in Germany, serving in command and staff positions in Army strategic intelligence units.  He was promoted to Major in 1975.  Simultaneously, he received an MA degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California’s German Graduate School and was named “Distinguished Graduate.”
In 1977, Jack joined the US Foreign Service. Initially, he served as Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs where he supported passage of State Department authorisation bills and coordinated interaction with Members of Congress. From 1981 to 1983, he was Political / Economic officer in Botswana, working closely with now-President Ian Khama to develop Botswana’s fledgling security forces. In 1983, he went to Athens as Political / Military Affairs officer where he participated in successful US - Greek base negotiations.  In 1985, he joined the Office of Soviet Union Affairs as the action officer for the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START). 
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