Debajit Sarkar

Debajit Sarkar has over 7 years experience as a consultant, programmer and business analyst with a diverse background in program and project management, strategic management planning and policy analysis in the Defense sector.  He researches Smart Weapons and UAVs and closely monitors the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the Defense sector.  His work has allowed him to investigate how Embedded Systems can be better utilized for Home Automation.  He has presented algorithms which compute optimal policies for these timed domains.

Mr. Sarkar holds a Bachelors in Commerce (Honours) and a Post Graduation in Computer Application and has worked as a Business Analyst for 4 years with Deloitte and Touche. Currently he works as an Independent Consultant specializing in Smart Weapons and UAV research.  In this capacity he successfully delivers business development strategies in the Defense sector and help achieve growth objectives for business enterprises, on a consulting and contract basis.  His value proposition is to provide winning client solutions using consultative, and facilitating skills

From the delicately scripted speech that President Barack Obama delivered on 1 May to announce that Bin Laden had been killed by a team of US Navy SEALS, it became quite clear that it was an operation that the US had carried out unilaterally. More importantly, it appears abundantly evident that Pakistan had no knowledge of the covert operation....Full Article »